More about our Parent Organization:

Grandmaster Rick Jessee who began his training in 1963 has mastered several martial arts from Japan and Korea. He founded Rick Jessee Martial Arts (RJMA) in an effort to unify all the instructors, students and members of these groups under one parent organization. Grandmaster Jessee while traveling to teach and support those schools met many other instructors and martial arts practitioners who expressed an interest in belonging to a world class organization such as RJMA and made the decision to open RJMA to any legitimate instructor who was an active teacher providing they had the proper credentials. This as one can imagine grew RJMA tremendously. So much so that today RJMA has four complete divisions housing hundreds of students of a multitude of martial arts.

1. Chun Moo Hapkido USA

2. Chun Moo Kong Soo Do Association

3. The Tenbukan Bujitsu Renmei

4. The Tactical Combatives Division

Grandmaster Rick Jessee’s vision of uniting martial artists from all areas and many martial arts for the purpose of providing an organizational support structure with high standards, uncompromising ethics and “No Politics” as found in many commercial organizations today is fast becoming a reality.